Low level OS register access for reading and writing data
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This is a small utility for low-level access to various Windows OS register types. It includes PCI, SMBUS, CMOS, etc. Both reading and writing data is available as well as the physical memory dump. There is also an option of viewing current system information.

HWDIRECT is an advanced low-level hardware register access software utility for Windows. It allows user to read and modify PC system hardware registers. With current latest version, HWDIRECT encapsulates eight separate tools. They are OSInfo, CPUID Info, PCI Read/Write, I/O Read/Write, MSR Read/Write, CMOS Read/Write, Memory Dump, Hex Viewer/Editor. To download HWDIRECT, there are zip version or installer version available. You can either download and unzip the HWDIRECT to a directory then run it from there, or you can download Installer version which provides an easy and fast install/uninstall process. The total package size of HWDIRECT is less than 1M Bytes. You can fit it to a single floppy disk and run it from there.

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